Welcome to Grand Polar

Finding your way in the ever changing technology world can be a daunting task, with technology moving all the time and changing not only the goal posts, but the rules and sometimes even the game you thought you were playing!

We are constantly researching and implementing new technologies that will support business requirements and future strategies. 

It's all about embracing and exploiting new technologies, looking at things from a fresh perspective, getting new IDEAS and more importantly implementing them.

We are a bunch of creative technocrats, sometimes we even think we live in the ethernet.

We offer:

  • IT Strategies and Architectures

  • Business Strategies

  • Research and Implementation of business technologies

  • Security Solutions and Risk Assessment

  • Supply Chain Management Solutions

  • E-Commerce Solutions

  • E-Marketing Strategies

  • E-Marketing and Social Network Campaigns

  • Brand Design and Activation

  • Web Design and Hosting

  • Graphic Design

We are sometimes quite "off the wall" or "left side of the field", in fact sometimes we disrupt the whole known universe!

If you are stuck for an IDEA, trying to find how to launch your business in the tangled world of the Internet, then just contact us.